All Cylinders

No joke, this is what my Inbox looks like at the moment…

  • RE: Alex’s Shower
  • Alex’s Bridal Shower
  • Bachelorette Planning
  • RSVP
  • READ ME FIRST:  RSVP List for Review
  • Wedding Stuff
  • Invites
  • Shower
  • Your mom?

I thought “Your Mom” was a good spot to end 😉

Get the picture? I’m in wedding overdrive, firing on all cylinders,  simultaneously juggling emails that involve the planning of two bridal showers, and three bachelorette parties. Two of which are happening this weekend (woot woot, can’t wait Alex!!).

And while a little crazy (I’m totally having dreams about forgetting gifts and missing guests), the best part of the planning process is getting to know new people. People who I would never come know so well if not for one, undeniable connection — the bride. It’s easy to love new people when you know they love someone you love just as much as you love them. That’s alotta love in one sentence, but I hope you catch my drift.

In several months, when the showers are over, the Bachelorette party hangovers subside, and the “I Dos” have been said…I think I’ll look back fondly at the craziness that is my life right now. I’ll remember those bridal party people who I was in the planning trenches with, and be happy that the world worked in such a way that our lives twisted up together for a bit.

I can’t wait to share you details of Alex’s Bridal Shower and Bachelorette party that are happening this weekend. Until then though…shhhhh….the details are a secret (and I know Alex is now faithful D Spot reader!).


3 thoughts on “All Cylinders

  1. You write so well, and yes, this is one of the best times of your life, when you are still young enought to remember what needs to be remembered and you have the energy to tackle everything with a smile.

    Of course, I want to know what, “Your Mom” email is about 🙂

    • Haha don’t worry, it’s wasn’t about “MY Mom”…it was an email subject from a message I sent to Colin asking if HIS mom was coming to the shower on Saturday 🙂

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