Of Roots and Wings

Joey and I talk semi-frequently about wanting to make-like-a-bird and migrate south. The catalyst for this discussion is usually something like an especially, freezing, dreary winter day – “Let’s move somewhere where it’s warm all the time” – or a particularly awesome day at the beach – “We need to live in a beach town so we can do this everyday” – or when we’re watching “House Hunters” on the Travel Channel – “Holy crap, that 5 bedroom, 4 bath, 4 car garage house is only 280K in Florida?!?! What the heck are we doing living in Maryland?!?” Which was an actual conversation we had the other night.

But this particular conversation happened after a particularly awesome day in Annapolis.  A day where we sat on the dock at Pussers with awesome friends eating crabcakes and drinking Pain Killers, then hopped on a boat to go meet up with more awesome friends.

(View of Naval Academy from the river)

A day where our boat may or may not have run into some engine troubles when we stopped for gas. And at that exact moment another boat drove by, only for us to realize said boat was filled with more awesome people we knew who were actually able to fix said engine. Our two boats then proceeded to play ‘follow the leader’ over to our final destination, where some awesome parents fired up their grill and tossed on enough fish, chicken, sausage and steak to feed an army – or a group of sun-spent friends.

It was a day that makes you realize that while spreading your wings, and flying into a new adventure is a wonderful thing, growing roots can be equally as wonderful.

Earlier in the day my friend Emily and I actually had a short conversation about roots. How sometimes you fight the place you came from in fear of feeling stuck in a spin cycle – doing the same things you did 10 years ago, with the same people you did them with. But I suppose that’s a very artificial way of looking at things.

You shouldn’t spread your wings in spite of your roots.

Our Maryland roots bring me a lot of  joy in the form of family, friends, community and lifestyle. That isn’t to say that one day we won’t spread our wings and migrate south.

But today. Today we are happy.

Today, Roots win.

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