A Little Wedding Talk

Let me start with this – getting engaged was awesome. Wedding planning is scary. At least for me it is.

Without going too much into it, I’ve found that the one thing I can wrap my head around with excitement is photography.

Photography for me takes precedent over the venue, over the dress, over the music — it’s #1. Lets be honest, a wedding lasts all of a day…and we’re not even talking a full 24-hours…so when all is said and done, the photos are what you have to remember it all. And if I’ve come to realize anything in these past few months, it is that a wedding isn’t about flowers and color schemes, 10 piece live bands or a dress from Kleinfelds…it’s about the magic of the people around you, shared happiness for two-souls, and the excitement of starting a new chapter in the story of life.

The real meaning and purpose of a wedding, of a marriage, is all very intangible…but somehow a good photographer is able to capture it all and bottle it up, so years down the road…whenever you need to call on some of that magic…it’s there.

So a Little Big announcement to make.  I’ve found my photographer(s) of choice – Leah and Mark photograpy, a husband-wife duo out of Atlanta (but they travel for FREE, score!).  I first  heard about them on a wedding blog I’ve come to really appreciate, recommended to me by my wedding-wise and soon-to-be-married coworker Haley, called A Practical Wedding. I’ll go into all the reasons I love these photographers at a later date, but lets just say their photos speak for themselves:

PS: They obviously had me at the jumping photo!

9 thoughts on “A Little Wedding Talk

  1. Their photos look amazing! And what a great deal! Nice find D…I also love that it’s a duo, which means twice as many photos:)

    • Well, you do have to pay extra for the second photog, but I scored an amazing deal by finding them through apracticalwedding.com. Haven’t signed the dotted line yet haha, but I’ll give more details later! Glad you like the photos though, I love their work so much!!! 🙂

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