A Perfect Mother’s Day

First off, could the weather have been more perfect today? It was a fabulous day to celebrate moms and family, and celebrate we did. Oh, and I must say that I tried very hard to whip out my inner-hostess-with-the-mostess, and think I did so rather successfully…

And while weather, pretty decorations and good food are all wonderful things, days like today really boil down to the people you’re with…

Mom and her brood (plus my fur-children)

Sandi (FMIL) and her pride & joy

Sarah and her little wild-child 🙂

Crazy #1 and Crazy #2 - PS, Joey is behind the camera holding a treat, which explains the look of longing in the pups' eyes

Uncle Jimmy 🙂

Bubbles make everything better

5 thoughts on “A Perfect Mother’s Day

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  2. Thanks Diana & Joey! Beautiful day, delicious food & great company! Loved the cards & gifts. Parenting was the most wonderful gift in my life, who could ask for more…

  3. It was an ABSOLUTELY, PERFECT Mother’s Day. You and Joey spoiled your Mama’s. Thank you, Thank you.
    PS Glad Moosie Goosie enjoyed his share of the cake 🙂

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