Jackie’s Bridal Shower: 1950s Housewife Theme

I was in the Philly area this weekend for my beautiful cousin’s 1950s inspired bridal shower. The shower was all about the details, and I must give credit to my super creative and thrift-store loving Aunt, and Jackie’s wonderful MOH for really being the brains behind the operation. Without further ado, I give you lots and lots of fun pictures!

The Bride Wore Vintage: Actual dress and shoes from 1950. Her mom had the apron made out of Jackie's first holy-communion dress!

The Bridesmaids Wore...APRONS!

Washboard Welcome

What's 1950 Without the Cheese Whiz?

Adorable Vintage Details

Housewife Manuals

A Woman Should Never Be Too Far from Her Iron

Cupcake Decorating Contest: Because a good wife knows how to bake!

How to Be A Good Housewife Quiz: Not sure this person passed...

All You Need Is...

A Parting Gift

Bottom line: A great party filled with lots of happy people wishing Jackie all the best as she gets ready for this fun and exciting next chapter! Stay tuned for the bachelorette party….

15 thoughts on “Jackie’s Bridal Shower: 1950s Housewife Theme

  1. I love all of your pictures! I keep reading your post- trying to re-live the shower. It was such an amazing/special day and one I will remember forever. Thank you for all of your help and creativity. Here’s to some sexy sacraments:) LOVE YOU

  2. My sister shopped at the Church Thrift shop each week for 6 months to collect all the vintage items. It really turned out to be an adorable theme. Incredible finds at incredible prices. I was one of the lucky ones after the shower. My sister gave me the milk shake blender. I love it.

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  4. Where did you get the “How to be a good wife” quiz?? I am hosting a vintage housewife shower and that would be absolutely perfect!!!

    • Hi Lin! Thanks for stopping by. The text is actually from a 1950s publication. Jackie’s Maid of Honor copied it, created some fill-in-the-blanks and added some clip-art. You can find the text here: http://www.retro-housewife.com/good-wife-guidelines.html. We gave out prizes for the person who got the most correct, and the person who got the most incorrect. Both were read out loud in conjunction with one another, and it was really funny! Good luck with your shower – it’s a great theme!

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