The Incredible Switch of Good Dog, Bad Dog

I haven’t written much about what a good puppy Riggo has been in the 3 months we’ve had him, so to sum it up he’s pretty mellow, never whines, he isn’t nippy, he isn’t destructive, he took to his crate right away and picked up potty training in record time. basically, he immediately became the Jekyll to Moose’s sock-eating, shoe-chewing, whiny, hyper Hyde. And now that you have the back story, I give you the tale of the incredible switch of Good Dog, Bad Dog.

Since Riggo has been such a good dog he has been enjoying some early perks, such as when we leave the house for short periods of time we let little Rigs out of his crate to enjoy first-floor freedom with his big brother. He seemed to be enjoying the new privilege, but last night the 5-month-old little stinker let us know in very clear terms that our move was premature.

What? Is his cuteness distracting you? The little “look at my cute flipped-ear” move throwing you off? He’s a clever one! Let me give you a closer look…

And one more just to drive this puppy home…

O yes, Riggo decided to make a snack out of the chair arms.  If the dog hair didn’t tip off our vistors, this chair now definitely screams “A YELLOW LAB LIVES HERE.”

Moose was destructive in his own way, grabbing things off the table, out of closets and off of counters. But never once, never ONCE, did he ever bother with our furniture. It should also be noted that Moose, at 2+ years old, has *mostly* outgrown his “while the parents are away, the dog will play” mentality. He finally learned that chewing random objects doesn’t lead to anything good.

So while of course I’m upset over a destroyed chair, it also makes me laugh to imagine Riggo just going to town on those wooden arms and Moose sitting back thinking, “Duuuude, you’re gonna get in sooooo much trouble.”

Moose = Good Dog. Riggo = Bad Dog. It’s a funny, mixed up world we live in.

6 thoughts on “The Incredible Switch of Good Dog, Bad Dog

  1. How dare him act like a 3 month puppy? On the other hand, don’t forget the crate when u visit…Haaw!!! LUV, G-Mommy

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