To Kindle, or Not To Kindle?

That is the question I need some help answering! I’ve got a little birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, and I’m thinking the Kindle may be the way I want to spend it. I love to read, but confess I haven’t been reading on the regular ever since book club ended — some may see that as a good thing 😉

With summer beach trips and other traveling on the horizon, I think this little device would get some good mileage. Thoughts from those who have an electronic reader are encouraged!

8 thoughts on “To Kindle, or Not To Kindle?

  1. I impulse bought one Friday night, got it Monday, and have since been up past my bedtime reading! I am so happy I did because I used to be a voracious reader, but lack of access to book lists and, oh yeah, law school, have interfered. I am excited to be reading again! I say do it. They are so cheap now and so fun!

    • So good to know! that’s the thing for me too…I feel like I hear about all these good books but never find the time to go out and get them which translates into not reading!

  2. I got a Kindle 3 before Christmas and it is the best thing I ever bought. I have over 900 FREE books on mine so far. Happy Reading!

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