I Dream of Jeanie

I don’t actually dream of Jeanie, but I do dream of other things. Sometimes the same things. Often. Otherwise known as a recurring dream. Apparently a recurring dream keeps coming back because it holds an important message for the dreamer – one that’s worth repeating over and over again.

Here are my recurring dreams:

1. A tidal wave is coming: sometimes it hits, sometimes I just remember running from it. I never die in the tidal wave, but sometimes I’m under water.

2. My teeth falling out: Blech! I hate this dream. It usually feels so real,  like I have a mouthfull of chicklets or something.

3. Being lost in school: I’m either lost and don’t know where my classes are, or I just can’t remember what class I have next. Along the same lines, I often have a feeling that I’ve skipped an entire class for a semester and it means I won’t graduate on time.

Do you think I’m a total weirdo yet? I did a little digging to see what it all means, and here’s what I found on the Meaning of Dreams website:

1. Tidal Waves: Tidal waves or tsunamis suggest that you may be in a period of emotional upheaval.  Giant tidal waves from your dream may be symbolic of current emotional unhappiness and psychological stress that may be threatening to destroy or uproot you. The outcome of this dream could reveal to you how much strength you have to weather the storm. If you are not consumed, or you survived the tidal waves of your dream, you will survive the challenges of life and living.

2. Teeth: Dreaming about teeth is very common in all cultures and age groups. Most dreams about teeth leave people feeling uneasy and anxious. Teeth usually symbolize power and/or control.  In a dream where you suddenly find that you do not have teeth, or that they keep falling out, suddenly, it can mean you’re losing power/control. Certainly bizarre, this dream can be interpreted as a readiness for change.

3. School: Going to school or attending class in a dream is your unconscious reminder that there is a need for new learning and that you may have not learned an important lesson. School may not always be a positive experience, but it is always necessary. Ask yourself what do you need to learn more about?

Soooo basically I’m uneasy because I’m losing control during an emotional upheaval that I have yet to learn my lesson from. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, baby.

Any weird recurring dreams you’d like to share to make me feel better about my bizarre subconscious? 🙂

4 thoughts on “I Dream of Jeanie

    • *If you cant communicate in your dreams, it reflects your feeling that you are not being heard in your waking life. You may feel ignored or not valued for your thoughts or suggestions. Difficulty speaking in dreams represents feelings of being tongue-tied in our waking lives. Do you work in a position where you have to watch your tongue and swallow your words? *

      My invoice is in the mail.

  1. I have the naked dream ALL.THE.TIME. In the dream I’m walking around in school or on the street and I realize I’m totally naked and I get so embarrassed.

    I also have a dream where I’m trying to run but my legs won’t move. I always chalked it up to the sheets restricting my legs. 🙂

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