Make Ya Jump! Jump!

Apparently I have a “thing” for jumping pictures. There’s something about catching people mid-air that just cracks me up – honestly, it never gets old! Here’s a little Thursday mood-booster and nod to all those who have indulged me by 1…2…3…Jumping for the camera!

Little Brother Money Shot

Pam101 in NYC

Tandum Jump: Sara & I at Punkin Chunkin (notice the hand holding? awesome.)

Jumpin' Joey in Tuscon

High Flying in Annapolis Post 6lb Milkshake

Yay New House With No Furniture (Mom's got ups!!)

The Original Jump (Taken by Joey in Arches National Park, 2006. This is the photo that started the craze!)

9 thoughts on “Make Ya Jump! Jump!

    • lol!! So not true…if people knew the work involved in clearing the space in front of a holiday window in NYC in Decemeber, this would be the blue ribbon of jumping photos πŸ™‚

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