Down By the Bay

Does that title not instantly start a Raffi soundtrack in your head? No? Just me. Ah well. Childhood rocked.

Anyhow, wanted to share some photos I took while down at my mom’s place last weekend. We made a point to check out the neighborhood community center, ya know, just in case there was a reason to throw a theoretical kick-bootie party there sometime, say, Springish of, I don’t know, 2012 maybe.

Front Porch - I ❤ Adirondack Chairs

Those BEAMS! In theory, how amazing would they be drapped with twinkle lights 🙂

Beautiful Panoramic View of the Bay

"The Point" - Theoretical cocktail hour anyone?

View from the Point looking back at the Community Center

Thanks for the tour Mama – ideas are fun 😉 Now, about the making decisions part…

14 thoughts on “Down By the Bay

  1. Looks beautiful!!! Even the pups can roam (yea, I promise to watch them the 1st hr & then will have to pass the hat) Only 1 yr to diet, already had a chili/cheese dog; oh well, tomorrow is just a day away. CAN’T WAIT! FMIL (Mom/Sandi)

  2. I can still hear Raffi singing:
    Down by the Bay…..
    Where the watermelons grow…..
    Back to my Home
    I dare not go
    For if I do, my mother will say
    Did you ever see a Moose, kissing a goose, down by the Bay!!!!!!!

  3. Love, Love, Love the setting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND the canoe cooler …. AND the wild flower tablescape. I even have a royal blue bottle for you to use! And for everything else… HOMEGOODS >>>> We’re coming for you! Theme: Relaxed, nautical elegence. ((I’m really into naming themes write now so I may think of something better — Annie’s shower was called “Classic bridal beauty with a nod to Hawaii” … haha)

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