Funny People Make Me Laugh

Lets rewind to Monday night. I’m in spin class when about 15 minutes into it a group of three guys walk in and take the last three remaining bikes – one being right to me. All of the guys just hopped on the bikes and started  peddling,  no adjusting their seats or handlebars, so it was clear that they A) Didn’t really know what they were doing and B) Didn’t care.  I automatically wanted to crack up laughing because they looked like clowns on little bikes – with their knees bent all funny and their arms way lower than they should be (see above photo).

The urge to laugh passes and I’m totally focused on our ‘climb’ — it was killer. When the song ends the clown guy next to me lets out this crazy sound of relief that was a cross between a dying animal and Celine Dion hitting a high note. I look at him wide-eyed, making a mental note that I should really learn CPR, and he looks back at me and says, “Daaamn, this instructor is CRAZY.” I nodded in agreement and before I could say anything back he yells out, “Lets go bikers, lets GOOOOO!!!”

Laughing when you’re out of breath isn’t easy.

Lets just say the rest of the class with the guy continued in the same fashion – strange noises,  Jane Fonda-esqe motivational “Woo, lets do this” type comments. And while I’d punch this man if I was ever seated next to him in a movie theater, his humor and unabashed personality made spin that much more enjoyable. Not to mention that laughing while exercising must like triple the amount of endorphins your body is creating!

The D-Spot PSA here is that we shouldn’t take things too seriously, we could all afford to laugh more each day and people who could care less about what other people think can sometimes be kind of awesome.



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