Endorsed: Boots Body Scrub

Time to share a little information about another product that is currently rocking my world: Boots Mediterranean Almond Pistachio & Olive Body Scrub. Sounds delicious, right? My love affair with Boots started during a trip to England when I was 15. Boots is to the UK what CVS is to the US, only like everything in the UK it’s much more posh 🙂 The packaging, the scents, the blends…it was love at first sight.

Fast forward to college and when NYCathy came home from studying abroad in Ireland, she was sure to pick me up some Boots products during a visit to the UK. Fast forward again to about 3 or so years ago, and Boots products finally took a trip across the pond and are now sold in the US! O HAPPY DAY!

But back to the body scrub. It smells amazing, feels amazing and leaves your skin so soft that after-shower-lotion is deemed useless. Of course the best part is that this fabulous line of products won’t break the bank. You can find Boots at Target for a steal. This 13.5 oz tub of scrubby amazingness only costs around $10.  Scrub happy!

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