EMBARGOED: Wedding Talk

I’ve embargoed any discussions between Joey and I about a wedding until April, but that doesn’t mean I can embargo my mind from running rampant. I don’t want a traditional wedding, so my head is filled with ideas about what non-traditional looks like. The good news is, according to my BF and real-life wedding planner Alex, these days there are no rules when it comes to weddings. And I’ve had the Carrie Bradshaw quote playing over and over in my mind:

“Why is it we’re willing to write our own vows, but not our own rules.”

Say it sista!! So while the discussion is embargoed that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to brainstorm! And since you’re all now officially along for the ride, I wanted to share this one idea I came across and absolutely love.

It’s from a lakeside wedding in Easton, MD. They used a canoe as their beer station. Genius. Love it. And guests don’t have to tip! Bonus.

3 thoughts on “EMBARGOED: Wedding Talk

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