Darn You Daylight Saving Times

Daylight Saving Time is kicking my butt right now. Of course I’ll love the extra hour of sunshine in the evening, but as someone who has to take out two dogs every morning at 6 a.m., I was kind of digging the early sunrise. Now it’s back to black, and as someone who is totally scared of the dark (don’t judge) I get all jumpy being outside when it feels like everyone else is sleeping. And the moon is still in the sky. And people can easily lurk in shadows. And no one would hear me scream. Ok, now I’m just being dramatic.

I’m sure once my body adjusts to the time change, and the weather starts to warm up all will be right once again in the world. Until then, I’m caving in and drinking coffee this morning.

One thought on “Darn You Daylight Saving Times

  1. Yes, Darn Daylight Saving Time. It takes me a week to adjust to the new time. If they did a study they would find that most people spend their day yawning the first week of DST.

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