Holy Crap We’re Engaged!

The story of our engagement really starts way back in 1999, when the cutest guy in High School gave me his pager number (no joke!) and I paged him the next day to wish him a Happy Birthday. If you told me then that I had just met my future husband, I would have said you were crazy.

That’s where our story starts, but for the sake of time , I’ll fast forward to March 5, 2011 – the story you really want to hear about – the proposal!

As you know, we were in NYC for the weekend – a trip I gave to Joey this past Christmas. After arriving we went to lunch, followed by Rockefeller Plaza and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Then we decided to take a stroll through Central Park. We made our way to the Lake, and were trying to find somewhere to sit, relax and just enjoy the weather and the park. That somewhere ended up looking a little something like this:

In true tourist fashion, and being completely oblivious to what was about to happen, I pulled out my “list of things to do” and started checking off the things we had done already. Joey asked to see the list, and started writing something on it. I assumed when he handed it back it would say something to the effect of:

  • Stop making lists and hang out with me

Instead, it looked something like this:

  • Check out Times Square
  • See St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  • Visit a Museum
  • Get ring from Joey in Central Park

As I comprehended what I was reading, I looked over at Joey who had pulled a ring box out of his pocket and was down on one knee. His words were simple and perfect, “Will you marry me?” Of course I was already crying at this point, but managed to squeek out a YES.

Thank goodness for iphone cameras because it was the only camera we had at the moment! My memory is honestly fuzzy from this point forward – there were phone calls to parents, text messages to friends, and lots of “holy crap this really just happened”exchanges between Joey and me.

It was perfect.

O, and speaking of perfect, Joey, with the help of my little brother, picked out this beautiful, most perfect, ring.

It’s funny, because Joey says he had no set plans for the proposal and all his friends told him he was crazy. He says he felt like he’d just know when the moment was right. I’d say that by following his instinct he hit this one out of the park (no pun intended).

And so that’s how we turned the page on the next chapter of our story – on a rock, at a lake, in New York City more than a decade after coming into each other’s lives.

Thank you so so so so much to everyone for all the well wishes, messages and calls! We are lucky to have such an amazing network of family and friends.

32 thoughts on “Holy Crap We’re Engaged!

  1. I love this post!! OMG, that is the cutest story ever. And holy BLING that ring is ridiculous!! I have to see that thing in person. I say we do a celebratory dinner/drinks soon! Congrats again:)

  2. I had to wear my sunglasses to read this post… (two reasons: 1. I was crying and was a tad embarrased and 2. the bling coming off that ring was hurting my eyes).
    I AM SO HAPPPPPY for you two! I mean, seriously, I feel like crazy happy.
    I love LOVE! I love you two!
    And I love that you had a list!!!!!!!


  3. the proposal story is ADORABLE. i love the list element. Go, Type A.
    And I love that he added a surprise to your list… that probably describes your relationship in a nutshell doesn’t it?? I don’t know Joey but I’d be willing to bet it does…
    So funny how the most pivotal moments in life can encapsulate an entire relationship and kind of sum up who you both are! Love it.

    • Thanks so much!!! Can’t wait to come down soon – you’ll be meeting our new puppy too. Definitely want to come down while there’s still time to let them romp on the beach 🙂

  4. Loved this blog. I’m printing it and putting it in your Baby Book!!! I’m so happy for the two of you I can’t think straight.
    Congratulations again and again!!!!
    xx00 MOMxxooo

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  9. Congrats on the engagement! That is a killer ring 🙂

    I hate to sound like spam, but I’m an intern for a wedding video company called Storymix Media and we are giving away one of our packages in a contest specifically for brides to be who are bloggers. You guys sound like an awesome couple and we would love to have you in the contest! Rather than fill up your comment box with all the details, email me caitlin@storymixmedia.com and I will fill you in!

    Congratulations again 🙂


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