Royal Wedding Invite: Please Mr. Postman

Ok, I think playing this video while you read the rest of the post really gives it the full effect, so shut the office door and turn the speakers up…

Now that we’re in the spirit, lets talk about some Royal Wedding. If you haven’t already heard, the invites to the most exclusive wedding on the year/decade – the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in case you weren’t sure – were put in the mail last week and I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of mine. Yeah…right.

The coveted invite!

But lets talk about the guest list. The invite went out to 1,900 people!!! I don’t even think I could name 1,900 people if I tried.  The lucky ones include other royals of course, close family and friends of the couple, old schoolmates and other hot shot global leaders (sorry Obamas, you weren’t invited either. Makes me feel a little better.)

Only 600 of the 1,900 guests were also invited by the Queen to a reception immediately after the ceremony in Westminster Abbey. 
 And then around 300 of those 600 are invited to a 
dinner hosted by Prince Charles that evening at Buckingham Palace. I’m glad they were able to get that down to a reasonable number – I’m sure the chefs at Buckingham appreciate it.

Lets be honest though, while the wedding invite is all fine and grand,  all we really care about is what Kate’s going to be wearing! For that we’ll have to anxiously wait until April 29. The wedding is at 11a.m. which I’ve come to realize sucks because it’s a Friday and I’ll be at work. But thanks to the powers of my DVR, I’ll be able to have my cake and eat it too.

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