Gift for your work spouse on Valentine’s?

This story is dedicated to Kath and Sara, happily work-married since 2010. ((Insert awwwws here)) πŸ™‚


UNDATED – Of course you’re planning a romantic dinner and a movie for your Valentine’s sweetheart, but what will you do for your “work wife” or “work husband?”

“Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about romance,” Amy McMahon tells The Wall Street Journal. “It is about showing the people you love that you care.”

“Work spouse” is a term used to describe co-workers with whom one has an especially close relationship. They may be fellow employees who take lunch breaks together, confide in, and especially rely on each other.

It is not a romantic relationship, but a bond with someone that you depend on when needed and to have your back when the boss is coming around the corner.

Some employees, such as McMahon, say they use Valentine’s Day to recognize the platonic relationship with their work spouses.

Almost two-thirds of workers say they have had or currently have a work spouse, according to a survey by Captivate Network, a Chelmsford, Mass., digital-programming and advertising company.

Others, however, say office spouses can be dangerous to the work environment and could lead to concerns of sexual-harrassment. It also could be damaging to a marriage if the platonic relationship goes too far. (Watch out Eric!)

Despite the trend, the greeting-card industry is staying away from office-spouse cards.

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2 thoughts on “Gift for your work spouse on Valentine’s?

  1. Hahaha! How am I just seeing this! I’m SOOO behind on your blog! My work-wife is at a doctor’s appointment this morning and I’m covering for her at a meeting — does that count as a Valentine’s day gift?? Probably not… may have to make a CVS run πŸ˜‰

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