Take Me Away

Post Challenge: Describe your dream vacation.

Prepare yourself, because if I’m dreaming, I’m going to dream big – but also within reason so I can imagine that YES maybe ONE DAY this could actually come to fruition.

So in my dreams, I’m able to take a month off from work for this three-part dream vacation. The first leg of the trip would be the adventure portion – an African Safari. Having done little more than a Google search in preparation for this part of my dream vacation, I can’t tell you exactly which country I would go on Safari in, but it doesn’t matter as long as I could see Lions, Tigers and Bear Giraffes, Elephants and maybe a Rhino or two.

I would definitely want to stay in rustic-cabiney-tent type shelter, like this one. See me sitting on the outdoor chaise? I mean, who wouldn’t want to wake up to an elephant. Pass the bug net!

So after about a week in Africa, I’d hop on the plane for the Greek Isles! This portion of the vacation I call Re…lax…ation. I’d want to stay a few nights in Santorini with a view like this one – soak up the sun, eat delicious food and run up and down the windy cliff-side roads belting out Abba tunes pretending I’m in “Mama Mia!” (Christine, please tell me you did this while in Greece.)

After that I’d charter a yacht (because we’re still dreaming a bit) to cruise through some of the Greek islands. I’d snorkle in hidden coves and relax on deserted sandy beaches. Ahhh…are you falling in love yet? Because I am.

After about a week of heaven-on-earth, I’d be off to Italy for a food and wine tour – Ciao bella! This portion of the trip is all about the culture. And it’s a strategic move to do Italy last because I fully intend to gain at least 10 pounds and I can’t be running around Greece with that extra baggage. How amazing does all this food look? Pizza in Italy is other-worldly.

The cheeses, the meats, the sauce, the herbs, the LOVE. I’m drooling. Literally, pass me a napkin.

In addition to the food and wine, I’d explore the art, history and culture of Florence, Tuscany, Sicily, Naples, Rome and Milan.

You know what, I think I need to add some extra time to this dream vacation. Make it 5 weeks. I’ll need at least 12 days for my tour of Italy.

After 5 weeks I’d return home fat, happy, tanned, and enriched. Now I’m off to play the lottery! O, and who’s watching the dogs???

Your turn! What would your dream vacation be?

4 thoughts on “Take Me Away

  1. Best VACATION ever!!!!
    And since you are rich in this dream…Moose and Riggo could stay at some luxury doggy camp. Where they dream of running nonstop and eating Christmas bulbs.

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