Isn’t it Ironic

I saw this story on and thought it was especially apropos given my last headline:


OMG, When did we start talking like txt msgs?

NEW YORK (AP) – “ILY!” Susan Maushart’s 16-year-old daughter often calls out over her shoulder as she leaves the house. Sure, actual words would be better. But Mom knows not to complain.

“A mother of teenagers is pathetically grateful for an `I love you’ no matter what form it takes,” she observes.

Then there are the various forms of “LOL” that her teens use in regular parlance _ it’s become a conjugable verb by now. And of course, there’s the saltier acronym used by son Bill: “WTF, Mom?!” But before you judge, note that former VP candidate Sarah Palin just used that one in a TV interview. And CNN’s Anderson Cooper used it on his show the other night.

Acronyms have been around for years. But with the advent of text and Twitter-language, it certainly feels like we’re speaking in groups of capital letters a lot more. It’s a question that intrigues linguists and other language aficionados _ even though they’ll tell you they have absolutely no concrete research on it.


It’s funny when you think about it, because chances are you probably do use some of this short-speak. I’m a big fan of the OMG and WTF, and even though I’m more than a decade past 16 years old, you’re sure to hear these terms  coming out of my pie-hole.

Remember when we all used IMs? Back then BRB, or be right back, was always a popular term (you know, back in the day when you’re IMing with your BFF and your ‘rents yell at you to get off the computer and come eat dinner).  I still find joy in throwing an occasional BRB out there – “Pause the movie, BRB, I gotta let the dog out” or “Going to get coffee, BRB” – makes me feel young again!

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