Dear Pretzel M&M’s, I Love You

First off, I think the M&M commercials are always very clever, but that’s not why I love the new Pretzel M&M’s. Here it is in a nutshell (or chocolate coated shell, whichever you prefer): I was craving something sweet after lunch today, but I’m trying to be good and fight the urge. But then I gave in. I said to myself, “Myself, lets just go grab a bag of Raisinetsdark chocolate & raisins, that means antioxidants and kinda-fruit so it’s not a total waste of calories.” I stroll over to the gift-shop (I work in a hospital, the gift-shop is where it’s at people) and I check out the Raisinets – 190 calories in the bag. Not too bad. I’ll burn that off in spin class. But then the Pretzel M&M’s bag catches my eye – and guess what – ONLY 150 CALORIES in the bag. Salty, sweet AND 40 less calories than my original choice. BINGO. We had a winner. Best part is that they were delicious, totally hit the spot, at I didn’t feel guilty because I’ll burn it off 5 times over in spin tonight!

They should hire me as a spokesperson.

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