OMG Moment

OMG, I was working on a couple of photo shoots at work today for materials we’re creating and the photographer asked me to be his test subject while we waited for our actual subject. Sure thing! Well, of course the photographer sends us the final photos via website and conveniently forgot to delete the test photo.

Internal Dialogue: OMG, there’s my close up mug for everyone to see and OMG, I totally have coffee-drinkers teeth!!! What happened to my pearly whites?!?! Holy $*@)/OMG  I hate professional grade cameras!!!

I’m too mortified to even share. Between the off-white teeth and the extra chin, I’m having a low self-esteem moment. I’m going to CVS and buying Crest White strips and whitening gum STAT! And I think I need to cut back on the coffee :(… or maybe start being one of those weird people who drink their coffee through a straw. ::::Sigh::::

My teeth need to be this white before all the 2011 weddings start!!

4 thoughts on “OMG Moment

  1. McHots! I saw a lady drinking her coffee with a straw and totally made fun of her (in my head) but I too have noticed that my teeth aren’t snowy white anymore! I don’t want us to be the person I am making fun of!
    Straws suck!

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