Lets Get Physical, Physical

Remember waaaay back when in 2010 when I was toying with the idea of a gym membership? And then I got said gym membership, and then I started going to spin classes? Well guess what – after all these months, I’m still at it!!! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my “off weeks” and the new puppy responsibilities sure aren’t helping with my time management, but not only am I still finding time to get my butt into the gym, but I’m still loving spin class.

Last night,  I met the one and only Kacie (aka October Bridey) for spin.

Kacie and I with our fitness inspiration!! Cheers to you nearly-naked gold-spray-painted standing in public man.

It has been a couple weeks since I’ve been to spin, and it totally reminded me that I’ve been wanting to post about my new workout accessory – a heart rate monitor! Now, I understand how dorky it sounds to be excited about a heart rate monitor but it gave me a boost of gym motivation coming into the New Year.  I can now better gauge the effectiveness and intensity of my workouts.

Basically, the monitor lets you track your heart rate, pre-set target zones if that’s your thing, time the length of your workout, and track calories burned. I  like it for the calories burned feature, but I’m trying to learn more about target heart-rate zones and what I should aim for. Last night’s 1-hour spin class torched an incredible 820 calories – MOTIVATION! It’s also handy when I do the occasional lifting with Joey. The monitor motivates me to do quicker reps, or higher weights in order to get my heart-rate up and burn more calories.

I was telling Kacie about the heart rate monitor last night, and because I have no memory apparently, I told her it was around $100. Then I backtracked to $60. Well, when I looked it up on Amazon today, I realized I only paid $40 for it! HA. I was excited all over again by what a great deal I got! Here’s my monitor of choice:

It’s a Timex T5G971 Unisex Heart Rate Monitor. It’s pretty basic and user-friendly. The watch isn’t what monitors your heart rate, there’s actually a strap you wear around your chest. It makes a little beeping noise (I always feel like I have a bomb strapped to me or something!) as it registers your heart beats. Then the strap sends the signal to your watch, and the watch is what displays your beats-per-minute, length of workout, calories burned etc.

I love a “hobby” that comes with fun accessories 🙂 Next on my list is new sneakers – maybe even honest to goodness cycle shoes?! We’ll see how crazy I get.

2 thoughts on “Lets Get Physical, Physical

  1. Thanks for the motivation workout buddy! 🙂 $40 bucks for the monitor is more like it. Looks like I’m making a new purchase this weekend. See you this week in spin class.

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