WARNING: Insane Amounts of Cuteness to Follow


Riggo and his new buddy, Miles


Riggo loves to cuddle up with Moose - SO CUTE!


That's one tired puppy!


9 thoughts on “WARNING: Insane Amounts of Cuteness to Follow

    • OMG I want to do that too! Would be so much fun. Joey would never want to leave though – he would LOVE to live on a big farm and have 5 labs and 30 kids hahaha – or maybe it’s 30 labs and 5 kids 😉

  1. Make sure you and Joe Joe have room on the farm for your Mommy. I want to come too and play with my 5 grandkids and the pups.
    Your pictures of Moose and Riggo great. Made me SMILE 🙂

  2. i LOVE THE picture of Moose and Riggo cuddling up. Moose still has that look on his face that says, “what’s going on here, can someone please tell me what’s going on……I’m so confused”. 🙂

  3. Which 1 is cuter??? Just told Joey how much I miss them, be careful, nothing like a FMIL showing up too often… Wish I lived closer so they could be even MORE spoiled. By the way, the beach is running out of “dogs ruling” until fall. LUV to all, Mom (Joey’s) Can’t have too many moms, dogs, or children, even though the # of Lor/Sans’ went from 6 to 5 in 2 weeks, still very acceptable. Lots of sharing @ “not giving back”???

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