Never heard of thundersnow until yesterday, but WOW what a mess. Snow was literally pouring from the sky. Thankfully I made it home safe. It was touch-and-go for a few minutes when I was stuck on an icy hill with a bunch of other cars just spinning our tires, but the ‘stang was my ‘little engine that could’ and we made it up the hill and home. Only took a little over two hours, ha!

It’s the day after now and our power has been out since last night. Thank goodness for a gas fireplace. Having no power sucks though, and makes me even more grateful for my smartphone – which is where this post is coming to you from now.

Moose and Riggo had a good romp in the snow this morning! Can’t wait to share pictures, but that will have to wait until BGE lets us out of the stone-age. In the meantime, enjoy the cutie-patootie camera-phone shot above 🙂

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