Meet Our New Puppy: Mini-Moose

So in an unexpected twist of events, we kiiiiinda soooorttttaaaa got another puppy today. YUP, that’s the big secret. Here’s how it all went down.

You already know we’ve been looking into dog rescue organizations, slowly thinking about getting a playmate for Joey Moose. Well, on Friday we had our phone interview with Lab Rescue of the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac, an all-volunteer rescue group. We spoke with the adoption coordinator for about an hour, and bottom line was that the group rarely has puppies for adoption but it’s never out of the question. She was going to start sending us any available dogs that fell in the puppy-12 month range.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. The adoption coordinator calls Joey and says, “You’ll never believe this.” A litter of 7 puppies was left in a box outside an SPCA in rural Virginia, and the puppies had just been turned over to Lab Rescue (lets pause for a second to reflect on what cowardly, heartless person leaves puppies in a BOX outside, in the freezing cold. Ugh!). The pups were about 10 weeks old, and there was one yellow male.

Fast forward to Sunday morning and we’re on our way down to Richmond, Virginia to see three of the pups who were at a foster home. When I say we, that includes Moose since part of the rules of adopting a rescue include the new dog meeting ALL family members to make sure everyone is compatible with everyone else.

Since I’ve already given away the ending, you know that we came home with a new four-legged family member. We’re calling him Mini-Moose for now while we try and find a name that sticks. Just another example of how we were totally not planning on getting a new puppy this weekend. We’re tossing around names like Rocco, Riggo, Roscoe, Sunny, Trooper, Rookie and Blue. There have been others that I can’t even remember at this point! BUT, without further ado, meet our new puppy, Mini-Moose:

Mini-Moose is a fitting name!

Mr. NoName - He's quite adorable!

House-breaking here we come!! And yes, the phrase “What the heck are we thinking” has crossed our minds and lips many times since yesterday 🙂


11 thoughts on “Meet Our New Puppy: Mini-Moose

  1. Diana and Joey congrats on getting Mini-Moose! He is such a cutie. When do I get to meet him? Let us all know what name you pick. xo

  2. WOW! CONGRATS! Mini-Moose is sooooo cute! I can’t stop looking at his little face! Sounds like he was definitely meant to be a McTroese! I can’t wait to meet him!! Have fun potty training!

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  4. Wow. Wow. Mini-Moose is adorable! Name him Whitty! 😀 Or squirrel. Oh! Fred! Like our pet ladybug soph year at AU. Congrats!!

    • Fred!!! HAHAHA I love that you remember our pet ladybug 😉 I think we’ve settled on a name, but I don’t want to prematurely unveil it! I have to wait until I see him tonight and see if I still like the name on him. Eeeek, he’s so cute! Come meet him!

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