Hey Starbucks, Did You Hear the One About Obesity in America???


Dear Starbucks,

Let me preface this by saying you know I adore your delicious coffee, but (you knew the BUT was coming) what on earth is with this new “TRENTA” size??? At 7-ounces larger than a Venti, do you really think people need to be drinking 31-ounces of  your iced coffee, iced tea or lemonade beverage offerings? Don’t you know we have an obesity epidemic in America?

O yes, I know you were quick to point out to the media that unsweetened versions of your drinks will still have fewer than 90 calories, with sweetened versions under 230 calories. But I cry foul. According to your website, a 16oz. Caramel Macchiato (one of your many espresso drinks that I happen to know you offer in an iced version) boasts 240 calories and 7 grams of fat (damn, shouldn’t have looked!). So lets say I wanted an iced TRENTA caramel macchiato. Using some rough math, it looks like that sucker would have about 470-ish calories and 13-ish grams of fat. Just one example.

And don’t act like people won’t A) Order those super-sweet, caramel/chocolate, whipped cream topped concoctions in an iced version or B) That you won’t serve those drinks in the biggest size possible and charge the biggest price possible.

Listen Starbucks, I know it’s business and not personal. You need to make money and you know us American’s have a problem with self-control. I’m in marketing, I get it. But I’m also in health care, and I’m worried about the future health of our country. According to the CDC, American society has become ‘obesogenic,’ characterized by environments that promote increased food intake, nonhealthful foods, and physical inactivity.

Increased food intake, huh. I’m pretty sure the TRENTA would fall into that category, thus adding to the health crisis in America rather than helping. If you need to boost your bottom line, don’t do it with this huge, tacky cup. Maybe instead you should stop opening stores across the street from one another. Not the smartest thing to be competing with yourself, now is it?

I’m not one to tell you what to do, you’re a big company, you can think for yourself. Consider this just a little food for thought. Something to brew over in your mind. Drink it all in. Chew on this… (Ok, I’m done).



 (PS: I vow to never be caught carrying a TRENTA sized anything. Sounds about as cool as a Big Gulp from 711)

5 thoughts on “Hey Starbucks, Did You Hear the One About Obesity in America???

  1. McHots….don’t act like if we still didn’t meet up for Sbucs dates that both of us wouldn’t walk out of there with the Trenta. We then would go get Bacon (or sausage), Egg and Cheese sandwiches and talk True Blood.

  2. D- Chewing over your post… and although I agree with your take on obesogenic-ness. They specifically say that the new size is just for iced drinks, right? I think it’s kind of a good idea. Everytime I get a venti iced-tea, It’s gone before I make it back to my desk. It’s all that ice! Maybe, it would make more sense to refrigerate their iced tea, coffe and lemonades so that they only need to use a little ice in their venti. I bet it would word out to being the same amount of liquid then. But I see what you mean – it’s going to be just a matter of time before “Trenta” is available for all drinks. You’re one step ahead of us all, D…. one step ahead.

    • I hear you on the ice, definitely a good and fair point. But I can’t imagine they would turn someone down who asked for a Trenta Frappachino (sp?). And even with the ice, no one needs 31 oz. of lemonade – would love to know how much sugar that has even if the calorie count is low! Same with the sweetened ice teas.

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