Sea Glass Wreath

Sea Glass Wreath from Land's End

As my mom and I were perusing HomeGoods yesterday she mentioned she was looking for an everyday wreath for over her fireplace and I was reminded of a super cute idea I saw in Land’s End Home magazine. It was a wreath made of sea glass which is PERFECT for my mom’s house because A) she lives on the water and B) she started collecting sea glass last year. That specific wreath, however, at $99 seemed a bit pricey. So of course we’re all, “O, we could totally make it ourselves. I bet we could google ‘How to make a sea glass wreath’ and find instructions.”

Which is exactly what I did and came across this cute blog called Simple Daisy, where one super crafty lady shows you how to make a homemade sea glass wreath. Check it out here: simpledaisy {pretty.simple.fresh}: {seaglass wreath}… you just have to scroll past the haircut and the jewelry, but I was particularly taken by step 2 in the instructions that advise you to grab a glass of wine ;).

Her homemade wreath looks like this:

I love the nautical rope detail of this one, but prefer the size of the Land’s End one. But hey, it’s whatever floats your boat! Your turn Mom!

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