Coming Right Up

Daily Post: What are you looking forward to this year? LOTS OF THINGS! Such as (in no particular order):

This girl getting married:

And this girl getting married:

And this girl getting married:

And going to the Dominican Republican with this girl for nuptials of girl directly above:

And going to NYC with this stud:

And getting to see this girl again while we are there (d0n’t touch the cheese!):

And undoubtedly going to the next Twilight marathon with this girl:

And hopefully these girls too:

And seeing this girl more often now that she’s back in DC:

And maybe getting this guy a new playmate:

The list goes on! If the first couple of weeks of this year have been any indication, 2011 is going to be a GREAT year. Booyaaah! (Yeah, I just said booyaah – I’m looking forward to bringing that back in 2011 too)

((PS: Mom, if you’re about to comment “What about your mothaaaa”…I’m looking forward to our girls day this weekend too!!))

3 thoughts on “Coming Right Up

  1. Yesssssss! Breaking Dawn 1 and 2! I can’t wait. I need more Bella, Edward and Jacob in my life:) It’s definitely a date!!

  2. You have such amazing friends. As for your Mothaaaaa, I can’t wait for our girls day at the spa. From the looks of that picture of me, I need it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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