60 Minutes


Daily Post Topic: You only have one hour to live, what would you do with those 60 minutes?

Today’s answer is brought to you by Joey, as transcribed by me via my droid (I’m being banned from spending all night in front of the computer upstairs):

The first 5 minutes I would eat as much food as possible until I throw up. ( Me: Why would you want to spend your last minutes on earth throwing up? Joey: Not my last minutes, my first 5 minutes.)

Then I’d get suited up for my last joy ride. (Me: Joyride? In what?? :::Joey just laughs::: ) I’d put the petal to the metal and lead the cops on a nice chase through town for about 25 minutes. For the next thirty minutes I’ll just think about dying. (Joey: This is stupid, I don’t like my answer let’s start again. Me: I just typed all this on my phone, we’re not starting all over)

Take 2

If I had one hour to live I would kiss my dog….shave my head and go swimming. ( Joey: I don’t know! You write this. Me: But you’re more entertaining). I would call my dad and tell him I’m dying in 59 minutes. Then I would call my mom and tell her I’m dying in 58 minutes. Then I would call my brother and tell him I’m dying in 57 minutes. I would then play Diana in Wii Baseball so I could go out as a winner.

The End

You probably just lost some brain cells reading this.

4 thoughts on “60 Minutes

    • Ive been busy with my NEW JOB!!! but dont worry…I can still be a member at our gym! Lets make a schedule and stick to it! 🙂

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