And The Winner Is…

Congrats to our dedicated D-Spot fan, aka my Mom, for winning the “Golden Apple” award at work. It’s an award given each month to a member of the faculty who goes above and beyond. It won’t surprise you to know this is the SECOND time my Mom has won the Golden Apple. I thought you’d enjoy this email excerpt from our humble awardee:

My week has been busy, but going well.  Yesterday, at the faculty meeting (which I don’t go to), I was presented with the “Golden Apple” trophy.  One of the Science Teachers  presented it to me (even though I wasn’t there), and told the faculty that I was like a miracle – every time he needs help I get it done right away and I’m like this miracle.   Wasn’t that so nice??? Anyway, I will put the trophy on my mantel and there will be no living with me for a few days as my head swells 🙂 :).

Too bad you weren’t at the meeting — you could have used this face all over again:

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