Post A Day Challenge

Another reason I love love LOVE WordPress – a.k.a the blogging platform that you’re reading the D spot on – they’ve started “The Daily Post” where every day in 2011 (and hopefully beyond) they’ll post ideas, suggestions and inspiration to inspire WordPress bloggers to push the proverbial pencil to paper.  The thought behind this ‘experiment’ as they call it is  to help build a community of people who want to be more active writers, bloggers, and creators. Loves it!

I’m only a couple days late to the party but today’s topic is to share something that makes you smile. Could that be anymore up this blogs alley? I started my little piece of the www with the motivation to create a “happy place” – a creative outlet for me and a fun place for you to come and read something interesting/inspiring/funny/relatable/yellow-lab related 😉 to take your mind off the things bogging you down. So when I think about things that make me smile, it’s hard to pick just one – a nice problem to have, wouldn’t you say?

The obvious choice would be Moose. Or Joey. Or my Family. Or my amazing friends. But as I was going through my photos, I came up with something BETTER. Because not only does this thing make me SMILE, it downright cracks me up! My ‘something that makes me smile’ is…the Photo Booth application on Mac!!!

Here’s just a random sampling of some of the faces that have been caught on my photo booth:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

10 bucks say you’re smiling now too!!

2 thoughts on “Post A Day Challenge

  1. HAHAH! These pictures are hysterical. I was having a manic morning and they just cracked me up! Just what I needed 🙂

    Also, in response to your post yesterday: Stat’s don’t lie! The D Spot is a success. Congrats, I love it. xoxox

  2. Looks like something out of the Twilight Zone. I was laughing until I recognized myself. Then I really cracked up. You are a nut!!

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