The Joy Of (a guy who likes) Cooking

I’m a big believer in the sharing of household responsibilities. Cooking, cleaning, dog walking – I’m all about the 50/50 split. While I usually feel the cleaning and dog walking skew a little heavy in my favor, although I’m sure some would argue otherwise (cough cough joey cough cough), I’d have to say I’m very lucky to have found a guy who knows his way around a kitchen. And on top of that, appreciates good food and actually LIKES to cook. Which is why we were both incredibly excited to put our new mixer and pasta maker (thanks Mom!) to work the day after Christmas.

Joey made a HUGE batch of homemade sauce complete with homemade meatballs and hard-boiled eggs. Yes, hard-boiled eggs. I had never seen the ‘eggs in your tomato sauce’ technique prior to Joey, but his whole family does it – it’s a Sicilian thing apparently! I’m happy to have him carrying on the tradition.

Now what is delicious homemade sauce, meatballs and eggs without homemade pasta? The fettuccine noodles were awesome, and so much easier with the new pasta maker! I would normally roll out the dough and hand cut into thin strips but now my noodles are uniform perfection. If you’ve never made homemade noodles it’s the easiest thing ever – one egg to every one cup of flour, and then just add a little water as you knead the mixture until you get the right consistency. Easy and CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.

Dinner was of course delicious (we’ve got enough sauce to last us through the winter ;)), and with all the chopping, sauteing, stirring and mixing Joey took care of, I was more than happy to wash the dishes.

3 thoughts on “The Joy Of (a guy who likes) Cooking

  1. The picture of the Fettucini reflecting in the bowl would make a wonderful cover for a new cookbook,,,, “Dina with Joeataly”. 🙂 🙂

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