Mountain Living

How amazing is the HGTV 2011 Dream Home? And how do I get these designers to come do my place? Here are some of my favorite pictures:

I love all the great colors, patterns and textures in this room! Not to mention the floor to ceiling windows. What a view!

Here’s another family room type space. Again, digging the colors and patterns. Love the shag rug and the big barn door – is that just decorative? Either way, very cool.

Pretty gutsy to do huge red walls – but of course this room looks amazing. I love love LOVE the canopy bed with the curtain backdrop. And check out the bottom right corner of the picture – a dream doggie bed! Moose would love it. Of course we’d need to build one big enough for a small pony so he fits 😉

Ok, you know you’re getting old when a beautifully designed laundry rooms does it for you! I hate doing laundry, but hang a flat screen in here and I’ll do laundry all day long!

You can enter to win this house starting Jan. 1st. If you win, I’m moving in.

2 thoughts on “Mountain Living

  1. Gorgeous house. Log on after Jan. 1st and enter to win every day.
    Today I was starting my laundry and I said to myself…”Myself, I wish I had two washers and two dryers.”. So I think I’ll enter and maybe I’ll win and my wish will come true.!!!!

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