First Love

As I was looking over Christmas photos from last year, I came across a picture of my mom and Tucker – our family’s Jack Russell Terrier. Last Christmas was Tucker’s last Christmas. He passed away in February of 2010.  The little guy was 15 years old, so he lived a good long life, but I still get teary eyed when I think about him.

I was in 5th grade when we brought him home, he could fit in the palm of your hand and was the cutest little puppy ever. Our family’s first dog – and for three kids it doesn’t get anymore exciting than that! Of course Tucker never learned to play fetch, and he’d run away about every other day, but if you yelled “COOKIE” really loud, he’d usually come running home. He was possessive over his food, and you wouldn’t even think about going near him if he had a bone, but at the end of a long day that little guy would mosey into your room, curl up on your feet and fall asleep.  He was a good dog. My first puppy love. And you never forget your first love.

Christmas 2010

Tucker’s Homecoming 1995

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