Love The Ones Your With

I’ve been in a very “love” filled mood lately. I don’t know if it’s the approaching holiday season, the planning surrounding the upcoming nuptials of some of the most special girls in my life, the fact that Christmas music is now on the radio 24/7, the short work week or maybe that I’ve made time to see really great friends in the past weeks, but most likely it’s a combination of all those things and more. So here’s your D Spot public service announcement today, I urge each of you to take inventory of all the amazing people and things in your life. The list may be long, the list may be short, but either way, when you boil it down, it’s the things on that list that matter most. We can all benefit from taking a moment to focus on the positive, it helps put all other things in perspective.

((In trying to find a photo for this post, I came across the above. It’s my mom on Christmas Eve last year – she was demonstrating how she learned Beyonce’s Single Ladies dance from a youtube video. I love how hard my brother is laughing – I was laughing equally as hard behind the camera. Family is top of my inventory list.))

6 thoughts on “Love The Ones Your With

  1. OMG this is hilarious! I love this photo and I heart that song. I kind of know the dance moves too. Haha! And also I 100% agree on the inventory. I think it’s the christmas decorations that’s makin me feel the love!

  2. Got a good number for you this Christmas Eve. I just need a white body suit and high heel boots. Here’s a hint…..Lady Gaga 🙂 🙂

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