Grab Your Fur, We’re Going to the Ballet!

Ok, yes that picture is shocking and defies laws about joints and body motions. I’ll give you a second to take it all in…

OK – now on to the BIG NEWS. Pam101 and I bought tickets today to see the Washington Ballet’s Nutcracker this year! I feel like a giddy little child just thinking about it!  We tried to go last year, but our big plans fell through. This year we’re planning ahead and making it happen.

A little known fact about yours truly – I used to be a prima-ballerina. Well, not really. But I took maaaany years of ballet when I was little, and always thought the “big girls” who could dance in toe shoes and leap sky high were the ultimate.  I COULD have been in the nutcracker – as a mouse but who’s asking – but I never was. What happened there, Mom? Long story short, I think the ballet is amazing, and can’t wait for my date with Pam101. She’s rocking her mom’s fur. I told her I’m digging up my troll santa earrings of yore.

5 thoughts on “Grab Your Fur, We’re Going to the Ballet!

  1. Glad you and Pam bought tickets to the Ballet. You will enjoy it so much. Do you remember when I took you to see the Nutcracker when you were about 5. You loved the show. I can still picture you in your pretty plaid dress, white tights, and Black Mary Jane shoes. On the walk back to the car you were to tired to walk, so I picked you up and carried you a few blocks. It was a wonderful time with my BG.

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