Nobody Does It Like Pam101


Pam101 recently posted about how upset she was at the Post Office for having to put more than one stamp on her Halloween cards because she used puffy stickers.  To this I say – Pam101, don’t you fret for one second. First off, I love the fact that you send real honest to goodness cards for holidays and special occasions. And I love that I’m fortunate enough to find myself on your mailing list. Your cards are amazing. Let me count the ways.

Exhibit A above: Printed and holiday themed address labels. 3-D candy corn sticker. Bart stamp. That’s 3.


Then there’s the embossed return address on the flip side. And a pumpkin sticker. That’s 5.


Hand written, personalized note. That’s 6.


Adorable, vintagey looking card. We’re up to 7.

O, and the fact that the card was also addressed to Moose….8,9,10,11,12…..

So what if there’s a few extra stamps!!! That can’t detract from the awesomeness that is this card. It holds a prime piece of real estate on my fridge.

3 thoughts on “Nobody Does It Like Pam101

  1. Pam has beautiful handwriting. It takes a very special person to take the time to bring sunshine to others. Can’t wait to meet you Pam!!!

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