Fa La La La La

Not to discount the ever important holiday of Halloween, but I am really excited about the REAL holiday season this year. I’m honestly ALREADY ready for 97.1 to switch over to 24/7 Christmas music. It couldn’t happen soon enough to be honest.

I was also thinking about throwing a little holiday shindig this year, but I think I’ve already talked myself out of it because everyone’s schedules are just so packed. Instead, I might try and convince some of my family to come over for a Christmas morning brunch (Mom, thoughts?).  I need to start looking for centerpiece inspiration!

My big challenge this holiday season will be convincing Joey to opt for a real tree! He thinks they’re too much work, are messy and that they bring bugs into the house. Lame. He also thinks Moose might try and eat it. Now there, he may actually have a point.

4 thoughts on “Fa La La La La

  1. Oh …and I totally agree about Christmas Music! I had it on the other day and then I found myself shopping on-line. Spent way to much $$ so I switched back to Justin Timberlake.

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