Well, It’s One For the Money…

I was in a meeting this morning and the woman next to me had on the most FABULOUS pair of grey suede pumps. I had major shoe envy. I’ve decided that grey suede pumps are now on my fall ‘must-have’ list. The picture above is a pair I found on Zappos.com – total shoe porn, right? My only thing is those heels are a leeettle  high for work (last night when I was watching “House”, Whitney and I kept making fun of all the docs/hospital people running around in 5 inch stilettos – it’s just not practical).  I think I’ll be on the look out for the shorter, but just as lovely sister of these shoes.

((PS: Brownie points if you knew the headline is a nod to Elvis’  “Blue Suede Shoes” 😉 ))

2 thoughts on “Well, It’s One For the Money…

  1. Diana…check out poppy and stella. This store was voted best “sassy shoes” in Baltimore magazine 2009. Good News! You don’t have to come to Baltimore to check it out. (but I would love for you to come and visit) There is a store in the Annapolis Towne Center. It can be $$$$ but really cute stuff. Their blog is fun to read and gives good fashion ideas.

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