Dear Blog,

I’m sorry to have been neglecting you these past weeks. I can’t seem to find time or inspiration to fill your digital pages with anything worthwhile. Work has been busy. Life has been busy. And when life isn’t busy, I’m too preoccupied with forcing myself to be lazy and enjoy the non-busy-ness that I can’t find it in myself to write.

But guess what, blog??? I’m taking a four day weekend. Now don’t get too excited. It’s not so we can hang out all day. Joey and I are going to a wedding, our last of the year. But I also want to take my time away from work and spend some time with you, making things right again.

Maybe we can post some fun pictures or talk about Moose. Maybe we can do some health related posts or think about fun fall activities. I don’t know, just thinking outloud here. Whatta you say, blog? You seem to be one for second chances…


3 thoughts on “Dear Blog,

  1. I think McHottie and Mr. Blog’s biggest fans are Pam and your Mommy 🙂 🙂
    Glad to see you are pounding the keys again.

    Love mom

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