Live From Africa

I have some pretty awesome friends who do some pretty awesome things. Hilary (center above) is over in Africa, Zambia to be exact, for the Peace Corps for the next two years (she has already been there 3 months!). Today I got an email from my little world traveler, thought it was worth sharing:

My ladies! Have finally been able to slowly piece together an update
via phone internet. Will probably be the last one for awhile til i can get to a computer, in a few months!

I am doing really good over here! Crazy training is almost over (oh, no clicks in tumbuka but very long weird words, eg, nikasebezganga- i was working). So I just, finally, saw my actual site! Its in lundazi district in eastern province. The village is pretty far out there! It is on a little plateau, with a beautiful view. Super close to a national park. Apparently elephants and hyenas come through sometimes! Lots of kids, many spunky women. I carried water on my head and did some serious maize pounding with a huge cooking stick! did a soya cooking lesson that went well, and met some of the main staff from my rural health center, which is thankfully an easy 2 km walk.

I was with the other volunteer who just finished her service for a couple days. was great b/c she gave me a lot of good info for the “handover”. But she is so good at Tumbuka and did some great projects, so I have big shoes to fill. It’s also super important for people to be really chatty, so I have a lot of talking to do! Fun yet exhausting.

My mud hut is small, but i plan to do as much “home improvement” as possible 🙂 overall, the visit was a bit intense at times, but def positive. And on oct 1, i am there for 2 years! I am happy, and trying to take it all day by day.  But I love and miss you all tons, its awesome to have this experience, but sad to miss lots of big moments. Keep keeping me updated!

Love and miss you too Hil! So proud of you – take pictures of your HGTV mud hut makeover!!!

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