You Are What You Eat


I watched the documentary Food Inc. the other night. If you haven’t seen it or read the book “Fast Food Nation”, I highly recommend you do. It really makes you think twice about what it is we are putting into our bodies through the food we eat. See the label in the picture above – what is all that stuff?!?

Now, I’m not poster child for healthy eating. I love sweets. Give me a burger and fries and I’m a happy girl. But this movie made me want to change my ways. The food industry is so screwed up. Slaughter houses may be the grossiest thing ever – and it’s not just the animals that are treated inhumanely, it’s the workers too.

So here’s my pledge, because I think small steps is the way to go – I will start reading labels. I will try and buy more (real) organic products. I will try and find farmers markets and buy local produce when possible.

One thing I want to work my way up to is giving up soda. I only drink diet soda so its not about the calories, its about all the crazy chemicals and crap on the label. But seeing as I enjoyed a diet root beer with dinner almost every day this week, I’d say I’m not quite there yet.

Stayed tuned for progress on this new venture!

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