Something to Wine About


First, apologies for the recent spat of bloggers block…I fell off the wagon but am hoping to hop back on now!

Wanted to quickly post about my amazing friend filled and action packed weekend. It kicked off with an awesome Friday happy hour with the one and only Pam101 over in her U street neighborhood. Cheap beer, greasy food and fun conversation – what else can a girl ask for? HH was followed up with dinner at Cactus Cantina with Kate and Amy, friends and former co-workers. It has been a long time since I saw those gals so there was lots of things to catch up on!

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon and we are at my favorite part of the weekend – wine tour in Virginia! Joey and I went with my bestie, Alex and her bf Anthony. Drove up to Loudoun county with our first winery stop in mind, and just played it by ear from there. Four wineries, countless glasses of wine and 6 bottles to take home later….we made our way to Charlestown West Virginia to watch horse races and play slot machines (I’ve inherited a love for quater slot machines from my mom and grandmother haha). Needless to say it was a whirlwind day.

I want to reflect on the wineries a bit, because while I’ve been to wine festivals before this was my first experience with visiting the actual vineyards and doing the tastings. I found the whole experience extremely wonderful. There’s something about being around these people who dedicate their lives to wine that makes you wish you too could slow down a bit and appreciate all the finer things in life. Stop and smell the grapes if you will 🙂

So I know I’ve talked about moving to the beach, but now I want to open a vineyard at my house by the sea. Grapes can grow near the ocean, right? 😉

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