Hi, I’m Thirteen…


…And I don’t even care. Next Tuesday my 26 year old self will gather with a group of amazing gals older than me to watch over 6 hours of Twilight goodness. It’s not enough to just see the new movie, Eclipse. We need to proceed the excitement with the two previous movies (Twilight and New Moon for those of you keeping track) regardless that we’ve already seen them multiple times. And in keeping with the ‘I’m a teenager’ theme, I’ll most likely have a sleepover at Pam101’s pad afterwards. Giggling and the playing of Twi-dvd special features may ensue.

I don’t know when I started drinking the Cullen Koolaide, but I have to admit it’s kind of fun. Maybe not age appropriate, but then again you’re only as old as you act, right???

(PS- Did you check out the price tag on the movie ticket? That’s like 3 hours of babysitting)

3 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Thirteen…

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