Late 20s?!

You may not recognize this beauty without banana on her face – but this is my aforementioned childhood partner in crime, Cathy Lacey. She sent me the best email this morning and I couldn’t NOT share it:

Hello Ms. McFadden,

This morning when I was packing my weekend bag, I came to the realization that I keep my Aveeno Anti Wrinkle cream as a “staple” in my make up bag. It’s permanently in there with my bare minerals bronzer and mascara.  Yes, a far cry from the Bonnie Bell Mint Choco Chip Chapstick I used to consider a necessity 😉 Anyway, I immediately thought of you and how we always laugh and say “we are old.”  And now, since I use anti wrinkle cream in my daily regimen, it officially moves me from the “‘mid twenties” category to the “late twenties” category and I felt the need to let you know.

Also, this is another reason for you to get an iPhone (if you haven’t already).  So you can email me your random thoughts and attach pictures! I love it.

Okay, Happy Friday!! Hope you have a good weekend. Can you believe it’s June already???? Xo

PS-This is me right now on the train, I’m absorbing my new age bracket

Thanks for the morning crack up, Cath! Hope you’re off the somewhere fun this weekend. I think I’m off to CVS to buy some anti-wrinkle cream – didn’t realize it was that time already?!

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