The Last (wo)Man Standing

Meet Kacie. The last Facebook hold out I know. It used to be Joey, Christine and Kacie, but slowly the other two have crossed over to the dark side. Kacie somehow remains strong and steadfast in her non-FB-using convictions.

So, I’ve decided to give Kacie 5 reasons it’s time to wave the white flag. In no particular order…

1. PICTURES – I’ll never again start a sentence with “How was your trip to _______.” Instead, I can say, “OMG I saw the pictures of you and Bill rock climbing in Tahiti, weren’t you scared of the wild mountain goats?”

2. STATUS UPDATES – When we meet for our sushi dinners we can let all the world know via status update. Then our other friends will be jealous they weren’t invited and wonder why they’re not as cool as us.

3. RELATIONSHIP STATUS – How else will I know when you get engaged?!? Ok, well I would hope that you’d call, but without Facebook, how else can we stalk the engagements and weddings of other people we kinda know but wouldn’t be invited to their wedding???

4. One word – POKE

5. NO MORE WONDERING – No more “I wonder what my BFFL from 4th grade is doing now…” You’ll friend them on FB and know exactly what they’re up to. In fact, you’ll probably get sick of knowing what they’re up to because who really cares about their BFFL from 4th grade? But it’s always fun to find out that the 6th grade Queen B is now an L7 weenie. And yes, I did just write L7 weenie.

Ooooook, so maybe there aren’t amazing reasons to join Facebook. But I will tell you this – I feel like I’m in much better touch with Christine and Joey now that they’re my Facebook friends. Which is weird, since I live with Joey…

Oh this crazy digital world we live in.

9 thoughts on “The Last (wo)Man Standing

  1. Hello everyone it’s very nice to meet you. 🙂
    Diana those are 5 great reasons but I’m remaining strong. Besides, now I have to live up to my reputation. Joey and Christine I’m sad that you crossed over to the dark side…
    BTW.. How fun was that night this picture was taken?! Ok… Maybe pictures would be a good enough reason to cross over. I’ll think about it D.

  2. The timing for today’s blog is a riot. Yesterday, at 3:30 , I crossed over to the dark side and now I have a facebook acct. A woman from work sent me pictures but in order to view them, I had to join facebook. Well, once I got on I was hooked. I must have searched for old buddies from HS for an hour. I’m going back on tonight 🙂 Kacie, it really is fun. A word to my kids…..don’t worry, I’m not going to ask to join your facebook 🙂

  3. Cute picture of Kacie.

    Diana, I don’t think I’m suppose to put this on your blog, but I will anyway. Kacie can you give me the name of your foot doctor. My feethave been killing me, and I need to see a podiatrist. 😦 Thanks

  4. Ohh… you girls really have me thinking about this facebook thing.  I’m considering it, which is a big step for me. Diana, you already know you will be helping me create the best page ever!

    “Mom” let’s talk about our feet!  Three years ago this Sept. I had my surgery done. (Before I got off the parents insurance of course) Let me just say, it’s NOT fun. I would not recommend my doctor because I didn’t have the best experience and your feet are too important to not have the best! I will give Diana all the juicy details to pass along to you. On the other hand… If you need a Dermatologist, I happen to know the BEST in town. Dr. Bailey just so happens to be my mom. 

  5. I had no idea your Mom was a dermatologist. As a matter of fact, I went to a dermatologist man last year, and it was as though he was afraid to look at anything. What is your Mom’s first name, so I can look her up in the phone book.
    About the feet, please give Diana the docs name so I know who not to call. Sorry you didn’t have a good experience with your doctor. I remember when you and Diana went out on the town one night after your foot surgery, and you were on crutches. You looked so cute. Hope to see you someday soon. I have to go now, and play on facebook 🙂 🙂

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