Master Disaster

Starting the bedroom makeover planning (#2 of 16). I’ve been flipping through mags trying to get some inspiration, but nothing is jumping out at me. So I started by surveying the land (aka room), which meant a massive cleaning effort on my part. 3 hours of cleaning later and here’s what we’ve got folks:

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How lame is our room? So blah – no character at all. It’s more or less a disaster. So, where to begin? I think I’m starting with painting the wall behind the bed – making that a focal wall. Was thinking a brown possibly. Then I want to start looking for a better area rug that will tie the wall color into the other side of the room. I’m thinking we need a mirror over the long dresser, and a bench at the end of the bed. Oh, AND a bed frame which we’ve been saying we need for over a year. Other thoughts?

Biggest challenge will be making it co-ed friendly. The flowery pillows on the couch are already too girly for Joey’s taste.

8 thoughts on “Master Disaster

  1. Pick a theme. Then work around the theme. You loved your cross country trip, so think about what you liked the best, and consider working the theme around that. Also, go to and search bedrooms. Lots of cool ideas.

  2. I love the couch and the black and white photos! I do think you need to paint those walls girl! You need color. Be adventurous! I also think you could add a few surprises in the room to make it look less symmetrical and square. Love the mirror idea. Maybe going “ornate” for that would look cool…

    Google image ” morrocan mirrors”. Those morrocans make some cool mirrors! ha

    other ideas:

    (only black or dark brown)

    (only horizontal)

    Finally– dark woods, suede, leathers, silks and all very masculine….you already have a lot of that… weave it around the room and play with different fabric textures….

    My last thought… have you thought about moving the bed? It feels crowded where it is right now. Plus if you put it up against a wall you could get a gorgeous headboard.

  3. I personally love the wonderful green couch! Your welcome for being the best couch shopper ever. πŸ™‚ If I think of any ideas I will let you know. I love HGTV… and don’t forget the food network too!

  4. Christine – love the ideas!! And all the links – even the hideous mirror hahaha. THANK YOU! And yes Kacie – you’re officially the best couch shopper ever as Bill can atest to as well πŸ™‚

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