Kiss and Makeup

I’ll be honest, I’m a CVS makeup shopping kinda gal. I think my middle school/junior high obsession with Bonne Bell and Wet’n’Wild made me a fan of CVS for life. I love new ‘products’ – lotions, shampoo, mascara, etc. I love them all. But for my birthday, as I realized I’m now closer to 3-0 than 2-0, I thought it was time to kick it up a notch.

Rewind to a Saturday shopping trip with the lovely Whitney Howard in toe. God love her, she’s definitely not the makeup/perfume shopping type – but she put on a good front for yours truly. That’s what friends are for!

First stop – Bare Essentials where I had three different shades of powder streaked across my cheek. Apparently the middle shade was “a perfect match” according to the sales girl, but I couldn’t tell the difference.

“Ill take it – and throw in a couple of those brushes.”

My favorite part of being in that store was when Whitney, standing in front of about 100 open jars of loose powder in all the colors of the rainbow, says “What if I sneezed?” GREAT visual. Someone needs to put that in an episode of Modern Family.

Next, Nordies to find a new perfume. Now if there’s any species of salespeople more annoying than the makeup girls, it’s the perfume girls! Holy cow – we were attacked by at least 5 of them. In an attempt to get out of there quickly I grabbed the first bottle I liked, but then had to listen to some lame story about how its a limited edition, everyone will be looking for it in a few weeks, yadda yadda yadda. OK lady – ring me up!

Last stop – Bobbi Brown for their amazing longwear cream eyeshadow (hat tip Sara O). After having my eyelids painted a few times, and getting my lesson about how “Bobbi recommends eyeliner only on the top of your lid” (I hate eyeliner on the top!), I was out of there will my little pot of wonder and a way too expensive brush to ‘expertly’ apply the stuff with.

Fast-forward to Sunday and my Mom, unknowingly, played right into my makeover plans with lots of goodies from Clinique – face cream, eye cream, lip gloss, mascara and more. Thanks Mom!

So, here I sit Wednesday after using my new fancy products for 3 days now, wondering if that girl on the train is admiring my sparkly eyelids or just checking to see if we’re at her stop. Do I look any different from my usual Maybelline with a touch of Cover Girl look? Am I just another beauty industry sucker? The verdict is still out. But one thing I do know is that they make me happy in the simplest of ways. So sometimes a $28 brush can be worth so much more.

4 thoughts on “Kiss and Makeup

  1. VERY FUNNY & TRUE!!! I wish I had half of the money that I have spent over the years on beauty products that didn’t make me look like Kristie Brinkley, etc. I’m w/u save yr money & go as natural as possible, especially if I looked liku U!!!

  2. I didn’t know about Bobi Brown and the eyeliner on the top of the lid. I’m going to do that tomorrow and see if anyone at work notices my new makeup trick.

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